Bravo Sign & Design fabricated and installed these unique corten steel interpretive signs for the City of Santa Ana for the Central Street Urban Greening Project.  Interpretive signs are often installed to help educate and inform the people in the community about unique projects like this.  The purpose of this project is to create more open space and clean water.  A section of Center Street was removed to create additional open space connecting two areas of Jerome Park.  One of the new features of the open space is a “Bioswale” allowing the flow of stormwater.  A Bioswale is a linear channel designed to concentrate and convey stormwater runoff while removing debris and pollution. As Stormwater passes through the bioswale, it filters through vegetation, engineered soil, and gravel layers.  The pollutants are absorbed and water eventually infiltrates down into the groundwater basin or out to the ocean.

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